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Aches and Pains

No matter your age, your hobbies, or how active a lifestyle you lead, aches and pains are no fun. Whether you’re trying to keep up with sports teams and young kids on the weekends, sitting at the kitchen table or driving a car, a continuous ache can become a real burden–not only on you, but on your daily activities as well.

Perhaps you know the feeling and can really relate these days. Or maybe, you’ve never had a nagging pain that weaves its way into your regular routine. For some, daily discomfort feels normal. If you woke up one morning without a sore back or neck, or if you went running without your knee or ankle hurting, what would you think? Would you notice? Would you feel more free?

If you’re currently dealing with a chronic ache or pain that seems like it might hang around forever, and you haven’t tried therapy at Nephew PT, we encourage you to give it a chance. We often see patients who feel like they’ve tried everything…surgery, chiropractic, medicine, exercise–even therapy with other practices (and in some situations, these aforementioned options might be key to someone’s healing process). We’ve helped these patients to eliminate their chronic aches and pains with success they never imagined. If you feel like you’ve exhausted other solutions, we still believe we can help. We think you’ll find our approach to therapy refreshing. You’ll work with one therapist throughout treatment, and we’ll give you tangible tools you can use on your own time (and long after you’ve been discharged) to keep the aches and pains from coming back.

Healing doesn’t always equate to a quick fix or an overnight solution–in fact, it rarely does. But your path to wellness can begin today by contacting us at Nephew PT. We’ll even help you to secure a referral from your doctor if you don’t already have one.

For more information about our practice, our philosophy of treatment, or to fill out an interest intake or referral request form, visit us at To hear from others who have had success with our therapy, click here. Come and experience the Nephew Physical Therapy difference!

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