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Calling All Weekend Warriors

Like you, we’ve noticed that the Summer is shaping up to be a lovely, recreation-friendly season this year–and we know you’re probably already taking advantage of warmer temps and longer days as you boat, fish, bike, swim, run, play tennis, garden and enjoy your favorite warm-weather activities. This weekend is right around the corner, with plenty more in sight…

So how are you feeling? After a full weekend of keeping busy, playing sports and running around with your family, do you enter a new week full of energy and without pain?

If not, what types of things are you doing during the week to alleviate your leftover aches and pains, so that you’re back on the go for the next, fun-filled weekend?

We believe that you should be able to enjoy your everyday (every weekend:) activities without limitation, and if you’ve got an injury, concern, pain or strain, we want to help. So…if Monday rolls around and you’re feeling a little less limber and sprightly than you were when the weekend began, give us a call, at 796.9391, or visit us on the web.

We’ll be happy to help you with a referral for PT, so that Melissa or Joan can have you back on the go before the next big weekend comes around. We can also schedule you with Stacey, our Massage Therapist, to relax those tense muscles and give you the boost you need to be on top of your game throughout the week. We love to see you at your best, and we love to help you get you there!

Play on, Weekend Warriors, play on!

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