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Frequently Asked Questions

Massage Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is massage sometimes painful? I thought they were supposed to be relaxing? 
A: Sometimes a massage can be painful because the therapist is giving you too much pressure. Everyone likes a different amount of pressure. If you feel that you are receiving too much, don’t be afraid to let the therapist know! This can sometimes be difficult if you don’t want to hurt the therapist’s feelings by implying they are doing it wrong. We usually try to ask a new client if they like the amount of pressure we are using and adjust accordingly.  Also, sometimes if a person is especially tense in one area (or a few areas) then that spot can feel painful when it relaxes. If you just want less pressure on one area that is painful, then let the therapist know that too. It is good to know that there is both a “good” pain and a “bad” pain. In our opinion a massage should never go past the “good” pain (that “knot is being worked out and will feel much better in a minute” type). If you want more of a relaxation type of massage, it is okay to let the therapist know that, too. This will lessen the amount of pain that you are feeling.

Q: I prefer conversation when I’m getting a massage. If there’s silence I feel awkward. Is it ok to talk with my massage therapist during my appointment?
We understand–sometimes people like to talk as they relax. We know that the perception of a massage environment is that it should be quiet, and therapists do tend to perpetuate that. No worries, though! We lean on you to direct whether you’d like your session to be chatty or not. And if you’d like an hour of peace and quiet, we’re on board!

Q: Why does my massage therapist insist I drink water before and after my massage session? 
A: Massage helps increase circulation and adding water helps to keep fluids moving and clearing. Also, people are commonly dehydrated, so we often suggest water for that reason.

Q: Is it a good thing to get a massage after I exercise? How long should I wait, or how soon? 
A: It is a good idea to get a massage after exercise. It not only helps your muscles to recover faster, but it helps you to feel less sore. It can also ease soreness if you are already sore.

Q: If I don’t exercise regularly, will a massage help me physically? I’m not sure I’ve used my muscles enough to need a massage. 
A: We believe that massage is good for everyone, regardless of activity level. Muscles that are underused are just as likely to feel stiff and sore as are ones that are being worked through exercise. Anyone living on the earth has stress, and that affects how we feel physically. Massage lowers stress levels and helps our muscles to feel better, thereby helping us to cope with stress better.

Q: I have trouble with my neck, and those face things always hurt me. Can I get a massage without needing to use the face rest?
We have several clients who do not like the face cradle. For some, it’s because it causes their sinuses to drain or it hurts their neck. In that case they are able to lie on their stomachs with their head turned to one side. If this is uncomfortable, then they can lie on their sides or we can do the whole massage while they lay on their back. We believe that while receiving a massage the client’s comfort is very important. If a client finds anything uncomfortable, they just need to let us know and we will work with them to help them get comfortable.