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Runner’s ClinicBreathing Techniques for Runners

Improving Running Efficiency

Instructor | Caroline Packard, DPT

Have you ever thought twice about your breathing technique when running? It’s not as “intuitive” as you may think and suboptimal technique can affect endurance and performance.

  • Become a more efficient runner, even when fatigued
  • Learn to use your diaphragm, not your chest and neck. Plus, how breathing connects to your pelvic floor. By the way, Men have a pelvic floor too.
  • Do you have a breathing technique? It’s not as “natural” as you may think and poor technique can affect endurance and performance.

Want to learn more? We invite runners -men and women, of all levels.

Come out and bring a friend.

INSTRUCTOR BIO | Doctor of Physical Therapist. Pelvic Floor Specialist. Runner. Yoga Instructor. Fitness Enthusiast. Instagram Educator @carolinepackarddpt

Join us | Tuesday, February 8th, 6:30p – 7:30p

This FREE Event will be held at Nephew Physical Therapy | 12723 N Bellwood Dr. Ste 10 Holland MI 49424.


Runner’s Clinic | POSE Form Method

Becoming more efficient and healthier Runner.

Instructor | Seamus Noonan

We are excited to share this excellent opportunity for our “runner friends!” We invite runners of all levels to come out to learn about improving your running form. If you are a runner you know that your form is critical to your running efficiency, injury prevention, and long term health.

Coach Seamus Noonan will be here to teach the Pose Method Running Form.

Seamus Noonan is not only a friend to Nephew Physical Therapy but also a collegiate athlete, coach of several of the top middle school and high school runners in the country, and many other happy and healthy runners. He uses the Pose Method as he trains for his goal of running in the 2024 Olympics.

Come out and bring a friend.

INSTRUCTOR BIO | FNX athlete, Collegiate Athlete, Team USA, Head Coach of Chariots of Fire Tack Club, Certified POSE Method Form Coach, Mile PR | 4:03, 5K PR | 14:37

Runner’s Clinic | Prevent Common Overuse Injuries through Strengthening.

85% of runners will have an injury each year.

When it happens to you, what are you going to do about it? Ignore it? or Do Something about it?

Growing athletes have a big problem with weak muscles, especially in the hips. This commonly leads to overuse injuries of the knee, hip, back and foot. And as Physical Therapists, we specifically see with our young athlete clients that they are very weak in lateral and rotational movements…which just kill a runner.

That’s where we come in! Join us for interactive learning on:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Understanding your muscles
  • See you if you are weak when you didn’t think so and
  • Learn some exercises you can start doing RIGHT AWAY to help prevent running injuries and get you stronger!
  • Individual Strength/Weakness Screenings Available 7:30p-8:30p | Quick Tests of range of motion, flexibility, and strength of the lower body can identify areas of concern and even help determine what steps you can take to prevent running injuries – Each screening is approximately 10 minutes

If you are interested in having our Team present your group or organization with above training, please contact Rachel Nephew.