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We’re Known For…

We don’t like to brag….


Pain: Didn’t fall out of a tree or get hit by a bus?

We treat Pain that happens for no good reason.

Our female staff understands and can address the unique symptoms and lifestyle concerns of today’s active woman. As busy caregivers, women often leave their own needs until last. We make it convenient and comfortable for you to take care of yourself while caring for your family. Please utilize our on-site childcare. You do not have to live with your pain forever. We help professional women and moms do what they want to do!

Vertigo: We treat dizziness by making you dizzy.

Let us help you find balance.

Dizziness. Spinning. That’s right…we treat vertigo. Joan and Melissa have been specialty trained and have been working with vertigo patients since 2010.

Pregnancy: Is Pregnancy more than you were expecting?

It takes a village. We can help.

We believe that pregnant mommas are so beautiful! And it’s such an exciting time as we prepare the arrival of our new little one. But sometimes, along that journey, we encounter some rough patches and pain ensues. Pain does not have be something you “live with.” Our pregnant patients do very well with our simple approach to treating common ailments like back pain, SI (sacroiliac) joint pain and sciatica.