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Taking a Time Out

What relaxes you? What gives you energy? Is it spending time with your family? Being out in nature on your own? Playing an active sport with an enthusiastic team? Whatever it might be, we urge you to make time for it.

We know…schedules can get so busy, days SO full. But in the long run, if you take time out to rest and recharge, you’ll be much better equipped to handle the deadlines and details that life throws at you. Not only that, but your body will be better able to bounce back, and your stress level will decrease.

Even if you can’t find more than an hour in your week to take time for yourself, make sure to protect that hour–then, do the one thing that is most life-giving to you with that time. Block it out on your calendar. Say no to things that could get in its way. The world will still be waiting for you when that time is up, and you can still return phone calls and emails (and catch up on everything you missed on Facebook…kidding) after you’ve spent 60 minutes on yourself.

It might seem inconvenient at first, but eventually, you, your spouse, your kids, co-workers and friends will all reap the benefits of you taking time out to breathe.

Have you done this lately? If not, why not make time in your schedule for the upcoming week. It’s never a bad time to take good care of the things that matter most–and you’re one of them! šŸ™‚

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