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Because PAIN is [NOT] Normal.

Back pain. Neck pain. Hip pain. Shoulder pain. Elbow pain. Ankle pain. Knee pain. Wrist Pain. The list goes on and on. But NO pain should be considered normal to everyday life, no matter your age.

Your body is your most valuable possession and your greatest asset. Yet, we often spend more of our budget on our cars, homes and “stuff.” Spending money on health care is an INVESTMENT, not an expense. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

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The bottom line…

"I'm in Pain because I'm just old." FALSE! Pain is NOT Normal and should not be a "normal" part of aging. Sure, our body isn't as strong or fast as it once was, but it doesn't mean we can't feel good in our every day lives, doing the things we love. You just might need someone to come along side of you to help you figure out where you may have some weaknesses or limitations, address those, and get back to life. Call Nephew Physical Therapy Today! [616.796.9391] and let one of our experts take a look at you. No referral Needed! And...we'll help you figure out that pesky insurance coverage. #easybutton #makephysicaltherapyyourfirstchoice #votedbestinHolland