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Not your average physical therapy.

We take great pride in this fact, and we work every day to be sure that it’s true. From your first introduction to our practice as you coordinate patient information and scheduling, we think you’ll note the Nephew Physical Therapy difference. Our new facility is bright and inviting—more like a living room than a medical office. Grab a cup of coffee while you wait for your appointment, or enjoy some time by the fireplace with a magazine. When you meet your therapist—one-on-one for every appointment, you’ll quickly discover that we’re all about relationships and building rapport. We love getting to know our patients, and what’s more, we love that by the end of treatment, we’re calling many of them friends.

A great experience in physical therapy goes a long way, and we recognize that with every detail. But we also know that you come to us to become well, and we’re highly focused on getting you back to what you love to do. We believe that the body has been masterfully created, so we take our role in its healing and repairing process quite seriously.

Our patients leave us with changed lives. We don’t just resolve symptoms—we get to the root of your pain or limitation and work with you to fix it at the source. When you leave Nephew at the end of treatment, you’ll have the tools in your back pocket to maintain the successful results you’ve achieved during your time with us. The Nephew Physical Therapy team will empower you. We’ll invest in you. And we’ll inspire wellness in your life.

If you’ve ever believed that you can’t afford to make physical therapy a priority, but you’re here getting to know us online, it’s possible that you can’t afford NOT to get to know us better in person.

At Nephew Physical Therapy, you’ve never been more well. Come.

The bottom line…

"I'm in Pain because I'm just old." FALSE! Pain is NOT Normal and should not be a "normal" part of aging. Sure, our body isn't as strong or fast as it once was, but it doesn't mean we can't feel good in our every day lives, doing the things we love. You just might need someone to come along side of you to help you figure out where you may have some weaknesses or limitations, address those, and get back to life. Call Nephew Physical Therapy Today! [616.796.9391] and let one of our experts take a look at you. No referral Needed! And...we'll help you figure out that pesky insurance coverage. #easybutton #makephysicaltherapyyourfirstchoice #votedbestinHolland