Our Story

One step at a time. That’s how Nephew Physical Therapy began, and how it continues to grow as an independently owned, thriving Physical Therapy practice today. When Melissa (Nephew) Meiste became a PT in 1999, she knew she’d work for herself one day. Six years later in 2005, Melissa attributes divine intervention as the impetus behind a number of circumstances leading to the opening of Nephew PT’s doors in 2006. The evidence of God’s provision throughout the process is hard to ignore, and the story is a great one to tell.

In 2005, Melissa was gaining valuable experience at a local care facility as the in-house PT, but the idea of her own practice wouldn’t sleep. She had set a goal to be self-employed by her 30th birthday, and she was taking steps to prepare financially and educationally to do so. Taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in the Fall of ’05 helped her to set goals, and it shaped her personal philosophy. Operating under the concept of “Don’t ask, don’t get,” Melissa got to work. She coordinated efforts with Ultimate Fitness and Health to establish a space for her practice, then, diligently sought out reduced-cost PT modality equipment and necessary resources that could have otherwise been cost-prohibitive to a small business. With careful saving and planning, Melissa opened Nephew PT in 2006 without borrowing a dime. To this day, everything has remained cash-based, and the business continues to be debt free.

Each year, Nephew PT has grown steadily. Melissa added an office assistant in early ’08, extending the practice with the addition of a Massage Therapist in the Fall of that same year. More recently, a second, part time Physical Therapist and Marketing Director have been added to the mix as well. And while Melissa continues to make calculated, deliberate decisions in order to ensure the success of her practice, she also recognizes that she’d never be able to do any of it without God’s help. Reflecting on her first few years in business, Melissa recalls worrying and praying, and how in just the right timing, the phone would always ring with another client. She attributes her business model and perspective to the philosophies she’s gleaned from both Dave Ramsey and her own dad—both self-employed men seeking after God in their respective companies. Melissa consistently strives to grow and improve, recognizing that God is the CEO of her business.

Owning an independent practice is a daily adventure. Together with her staff and clients, Melissa seeks to grow and learn in a direction that always honors the blessings she’s been given. In the near future, Melissa aspires to immerse Nephew PT even further into its surrounding community, building on the philosophies that helped to jump-start it in 2006. She believes that excellence on every level is a key component, and she delights in providing the best care possible with the best support possible, in order that every member of the Nephew Physical Therapy family can live their best lives possible for years to come!