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As Parents, we would love to be able to prevent our kids from going through hard things. But their ability to withstand difficulty conditions builds resilience. And Resilience allows them to grow as individuals and athletes.

My focus as a parent is to give my kids the tools, habits and help them develop their character to be able to manage diversity. When it comes to sports, the more we understand our body and know what to do to take the best care of it, the less likely we are to experience season ending injuries. Because their ability to withstand and recover from difficult conditions will turn them into THE INJURY RESISTANT ATHLETE.

Our Parent Seminar will cover:

  1. How to Identify potential problems and weaknesses
  2. Why Looking at the Knees gives us the most info
  3. How Physical Therapy screens for weakness and inflexibility
  4. 360 degree Strengthening with examples and resources
  5. Services that are available to help your student athlete

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