Is pregnancy more than you were expecting?

It takes a village. We can help.

Growing a tiny human can be one of the most wonderful and scary times of your life. You want everything to go well. You are making your birthing plan, attending all of your doctor’s appointments, decorating the nursery and taking advantage of all of those cravings. But are YOU taking care of YOU?

Many women experience pain with pregnancy. There are many changes happening to your body which often reveal some underlying weakness or dysfunction. And these mommies are often told that they just have to live with it. Well… we say you don’t have to! Low back pain in pregnancy, sciatica, tailbone pain, and pelvic floor pain can be helped. Let us be a part of your village.

We utilize a gentle approach with all of our pregnant mommas that includes soft tissue massage, pelvic alignment, specific strengthening of the hips and gluteals, as well as stretching when appropriate.

Don’t let your pain slow you down during your pregnancy. Talk to your doctor today about getting your referral to physical therapy at NephewPT.