I've been a long distance runner for about a year and began having pain in my ankle and the arch of my foot. I dealt with it for awhile, as every runner does, and finally decided to see a doctor to make sure nothing was wrong. . The doctor did not find any injury in my foot or ankle. The X-Rays came back clear and nothing was torn. That's when I began physical therapy with Melissa. She told me that she thought my pain wasn't originating in my ankle, but was manifesting itself there because I was using the smaller muscles in my foot and legs instead of the larger hip and glute muscles when I ran. She taught me exercises to do to work on strengthening my hips and resetting my pelvis. She also spent time on the foot and ankle where the pain was, using massage and ultrasound to help alleviate some of the pain. It has taken a long time to strengthen muscles that haven't been used to working, and I am still working on strengthening them, but as they get stronger, the pain in my foot and ankle has subsided and has almost gone away completely. Working with Melissa, I have learned more about the muscles in my body, how they work together, and how to really feel which muscle groups are doing the work as I exercise. I've started running again, and it has already improved. Now that my hips and glute muscles have strengthened, my running is more efficient and feels effortless, a feeling I've never felt in my running before. I am happy to be running better than ever before and also to do it pain free. Andrea V. Holland, MI

Andrea VanDeusen

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