I am a production worker whose job requires me to be on my feet ten hours a day. In January, I had surgery on my left foot and ankle. My doctor decided not to cast my foot but to put me into a physical therapy program as soon as the stitches and staples were removed. Before I was even weight bearing on my foot, Melissa worked on my scars (or incision area) to keep them from stiffening up. She also worked on my Range of Motion and gave me a Home Exercise Program to work with. I went to her three times a week. Once I was weight bearing we went to building back the muscle I had lost, along with my Range of Motion. Once I went back to work we added exercises to help me achieve what I needed for my job. I have to say Melissa always took my care personally. She made me feel that at the end things would work out. Today I work my ten hours pain free and comfortable. I give the credit to my doctor and the fine care I got from Melissa at Nephew Physical Therapy. Thank You Loads. Cheryl V. 59, Holland, MI

Cheryl V.

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