I was heavily involved in downhill ski racing, and at the end of the 2004 season I suffered a dramatic crash that completely tore three major ligaments and separated cartilage in my right knee. After several hours of surgery to reconstruct my knee I was placed in a long leg cast for approximately 6 weeks. After the cast was removed I was able to ambulate only with the use of crutches (i.e. death sticks). When my surgeon starting talking about Physical Therapy, I was worried because I had never heard good stories about Physical Therapy and the pain you had to endure in the process. I had severe limitations of my knee both in flexion (about 45 degrees) and extension (no less than 20 degrees). My strength and balance were both nearly gone. Melissa became my Physical Therapist and from my first meeting with her, I have been very impressed with what she was able to help me accomplish. I learned early on that there were some exercises and stretches that she was required to perform, but the majority of my therapy was up to me to do. She gave me a great deal of instruction, guidance, coaching and encouragement during this process. She also taught me the difference between the “good pain” of exercises working and the “bad pain” of doing exercises incorrectly. What I have learned will continue to serve me even after my formal therapy has ended. The techniques Melissa used have allowed me to regain almost all of my extension (near 0 degrees) and have increased my flexion to almost 130 degrees. My surgeon commented that he did not know of any of his other patients who have regained as much range and strength as I have considering the severity of my injury. I attribute this recovery to not only my drive and desire to become better but also to Melissa’s skills in analyzing my condition and to tailoring the therapy for maximum gain and results. As a skilled Physical Therapist, Melissa has taught me that the process of Physical Therapy should not be feared. Almost all of the stories I had heard before starting therapy were proven false. You have to be willing to work and work hard for therapy to work. If you have the drive to become better Melissa can guide you thru the process and help you get as far as you can go. Dennis D. Fennville, MI

Dennis D.

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