I am almost 58 years old (and look VERY YOUNG for my age ) but I began feeling very old. I am very physically active. I exercise three times per week, work at an elementary school where I walk several miles each day, am out at recess every day, and have a beautiful yard and flower garden which I handle completely by myself. About 6 weeks before beginning therapy, I began to experience shooting pains in my upper left arm. It was spring and I had begun lots of outdoor work, hauling dirt, etc. but had no REAL accident or injury that caused my pain. It got progressively worse so that I couldn’t raise my bent arm higher than four inches, and had trouble doing ANYTHING with that arm. I couldn’t even fasten my bra. I feared it was rotator cuff and would result in surgery, so I kept plugging away. Finally, I went to the doctor who ruled out surgery- hooray- and sent me to Melissa. After only 1 visit I felt relief and after 6 visits my pain went from a constant 10 to an occasional 1. She gave me a series of easy exercises to do at home, information about the cause, and encouragement. It was wonderful, plus, her massage technique was magnificent. I didn’t believe it would work until I tried it, and now am recommending her to everyone I know. Thank You Melissa! Gayle F

Gayle F

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