I awoke on a Sunday morning with severe pain in my left leg. I went to prime care and the doctor thought I had pulled a ligament in my sleep??? I was told to ice my leg, rest and to see my own doctor. I made an appointment with Dr. Guisinger and she referred me to Nephew Physical Therapy- Thank God! Melissa helped my left leg in just a couple of visits. It was great. Melissa talked with me about my other aches and pains which were all on the left side of my body. She claimed she could help me, and she did. My feeling was that the aches and pains were because of my age, 65. Melissa proved me wrong. For several years my left hip would just ache. Melissa worked with me and the pain has been gone. I also have had an extremely sore neck for at least 15 years and had been to Holland Hospital for therapy several times. Pain would improve, however it would always return. Melissa worked so very hard on my neck. I think sometimes she would break out in a sweat, but she did it. I no longer have any pain in my neck, hip, or leg. It’s wonderful! Melissa has made me a true believer in her therapy. I now realize, just because I’m 65 I don’t have to live my life hurting. It was great to find someone who really knows how our bodies work. When one thing is wrong, it affects other parts of your body as well. Thanks Again, Gerri VL Holland, MI

Gerri VL

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