My reasons for coming to Nephew Physical Therapy were two-fold. First of all, Nephew was recommended to me by my podiatrist. Secondly, I had 2 surgeries in the past year, which left me in hospitals for 3 weeks and another 6 weeks in a physical rehab facility. During the 3 weeks in the hospital, I was mostly bedridden with no time spent in therapy. I did receive some therapy in the rehab center, but not enough to rebuild muscle tone in my hips, knees and feet. Not all the deterioration was due to surgeries. I went into both surgeries with a condition known as neuropathy. This disease affected not only my ability to walk well, but especially my balance. Since August of 2008, I had therapy at 2 other clinics. There were some noticeable improvements in strength but not enough to get me back to where I was prior to the first surgery in June of ’08. In April of ’09 I had my first appointment at Nephew. With one more visit scheduled, several positive things have happened. First of all my balance had improved a great deal. Additionally, my legs have gained good improvement in strength. Increased endurance had allowed me to do more work around my home and yard without taking frequent breaks. Also, the therapy has been a confidence builder. I am now less afraid of stumbling or tripping. My physical therapy at Nephew was not a walk in the park. In fact I was also given several exercises to do at home between my twice a week visits. My therapist’s name was Melissa. She challenged me in several physical ways. She encouraged me to continually do more reps or time on each exercise I was asked to do. I appreciated the fact that Melissa worked with me personally 95% of the time each session. With one session left, I really appreciate the fact that I was there to work. Because of Melissa’s good leadership and her knowing what therapy I needed to improve physically, I will end my last session with a sense of gratitude and accomplishment. In order to continue improving even more, I will leave with exercises that I can do in my own home. Thank you Melissa for helping me to regain a sense of well being. Harvey B. Zeeland, MI

Harvey B.

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