My story begins at the age of 37. I am a mother of four girls ranging in age from thirteen to one. As one can imagine, our family life is very active. I work out on a daily basis and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Twelve months after giving birth to our fourth daughter I started to experience lower back trouble and leg muscle tightness. The personal trainer I had recently started working with a month prior recommended that I seek professional assistance in the form of a physical therapist to regain my “normal” physical state. This is something I find very difficult to do (seek out help for anything) but did so reluctantly. Initially I started with a physical therapist recommended by my family physician but that did not go as I expected. The location was poor for me, the progress was much too slow and the exercises were not helping. I then came to Nephew Physical Therapy. After evaluating my flexibility and thoroughly talking through the issues, Melissa designed and executed a plan in which I would regain flexibility and rid myself of the lower back discomfort. After the third visit I felt confident that the program designed for me was helping. Melissa was great at working with my busy schedule and always made sure we stayed on track. The location was ideal and the facility was one I was familiar with. We finished my therapy in record time, actually in half the visits prescribed by my physician. I have stayed true to my exercises when needed but have experienced very little residual issues with my back and legs. Heather H. Holland, MI

Heather H.

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