I have been to a few different places for Physical Therapy, but finally found relief at Nephew Physical Therapy. My back was always hurting and I’ve had so many problems with the alignment of my spine and pelvis. I also deal with scoliosis, which adds to the problem. I have tried a chiropractor but did not find relief there either. I had been taking so much Motrin for the pain. Finally, my Dr. sent me to Melissa at Nephew Physical Therapy. Melissa took measurements on the first visit and immediately started the process of working my spine into a more realigned position. She did that with deep tissue massage and then showing me exercises and having me do them while she watched for correct form. We even went into the gym and used some of the equipment, which was a huge benefit for me! What I like about Melissa is that she has a passion for her work and actually gets excited because she can foresee improvement and success for the client. And she understands the body so well, and knows exactly what to do for each unique body type. I can sleep better now, and I have so much energy since the pain is gone. Melissa even gave me exercises to do at home after therapy, so that I could improve on my posture and good spine alignment. I am so happy with the results and know that I will go back to her again if I ever need to. Thank you Melissa! Jackie R. Holland, MI

Jackie R.

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