Hi, I’m Jim your typical 50 year old male that survived a heart attack 2 years ago and everything seemed to be going well, or so I thought. I’m active around work in a manufacturing setting, so keeping my legs in shape never seemed to be a problem; boy was I wrong. My accident happened around lunch on a Friday the 13 th . I was getting up out of a rather low chair when I twisted my knee. From an orthopedic MD, to an MRI, then they suggested P.T. I thought OK let’s do it. I wanted to make my knee stronger or so I thought. Enter the healer – Melissa. She measured, pushed, pulled and documented everything. Her conclusion was accurate and focused on the HIPS – not the knee. Through stretching and strengthening exercises we – or should I say I – increased my range of motion, flexibility and tolerance. Thanks to Melissa I now have my legs back under me and more strength to perform daily tasks. I would recommend Melissa to anyone looking to improve their aging lifestyle. P.S. She also has the disciplinarian part down so be warned if you don’t do at home what she prescribes – she will convince you! Jim S Hudsonville, MI

Jim S

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