I had been to a Physical Therapist before for my problems. Having a background in health and fitness, and after my initial meeting with Melissa at Nephew Physical Therapy, I knew this was going to be different. Her depth of knowledge and ability to explain and show me everything that we were doing was amazing. The PT I had been to before never explained anything we were doing or why we were doing it. Also, being one on one is something I wasn’t use to. Before, I was in a clinic with 4 other patients being treated by the same Physical Therapist at the same time. With Melissa it was like having a personal trainer not a group fitness class. Since my sessions started, I have gone from having leg spasms from a pinched nerve and being out of alignment with limited motion in my neck, to now being re-aligned. This alleviated the pinched nerve and gave me full range of motion in my neck and back. My D.O. said that the alternative was to get back surgery, but with the results from my sessions with Melissa at Nephew Physical Therapy, that surgery is not even on the radar anymore. So, if you are looking for 1 on 1 service that leads to results, Nephew Physical Therapy is the place to go, bar none. I will send everyone I know with any type of physical therapy need to Melissa at Nephew Physical Therapy. Joel D. Grand Rapids, MI

Joel D.

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