My name is Joy and I am 23-years-old. While attending college at Grand Valley State University, I played rugby for four years. During those four years, I endured several serious injuries. During one game, I dislocated my right shoulder. My coach, Bob, recommended a therapist, Melissa Nephew. After meeting with Melissa, I was instantly impressed with her confidence, kindness, and enthusiasm; I knew that she would be a great therapist. Prior to therapy, I was hardly able to move my shoulder without extreme pain. I also had absolutely no strength in my shoulder. Therapy for my shoulder was intense, but very beneficial. My therapy sessions included flexibility and strength exercises. Melissa even massaged the injury area which felt great! After several months, I was released from therapy; I was just as flexible and strong as I was before my injury. After fully recovering from my shoulder injury, I had two surgeries for other injuries I experienced throughout college: one for a torn ligament in my wrist and the other for a torn meniscus in my knee. Because of the two injuries, performing simple, everyday tasks were nearly impossible. I was not able to hold or grip anything in my hand without intense, shooting pain and I was not able to walk without discomfort. I was quite miserable! Since my therapy with Melissa proved to be a great success for my shoulder, I decided to see her again for post-surgery therapy. Once again, my therapy sessions involved flexibility and strength exercises. After completing several months of therapy for both injuries, I was back to normal! My wrist and knee were much stronger and I had full flexibility. Melissa even taught me several weight-lifting exercises that I still use today. Because of therapy, I have no pain in my shoulder, wrist, or knee. I am able to continue playing the sports that I love, including soccer and basketball. During my months of therapy with Melissa, we became quite close. She let me borrow a book of hers and offered advice to me and I went to one of her softball games. I even became her assistant for a few months until she found a permanent one! I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone in need of physical therapy. She is an amazing therapist with a great deal knowledge about her profession. She is very down-to-earth and cheerful; it’s hard to be in a bad mood around her! Joy M. 23, Hudsonville, MI

Joy M.

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