I came to Melissa with a cane from injuring myself after 6 months of running on a treadmill. I could hardly walk and had to crawl to get dressed; I could not go upstairs. I had gone to the ER and was given Robaxin and after a week the pain was still there. I looked in the phone book for a physical therapist connected with a health club and called Nephew Physical Therapy. She was very helpful in getting me the referral from my doctor and very pleasant on the phone. It took a while for me to realize how important the exercise she gave would help me get better faster and then I went three times a week. It took about 10 weeks for me to graduate. I had no pain in that hip area anymore and I can walk without a cane. I am learning how to correct some bad habits and work on my posture. It was a very positive experience. Kathryn M. Holland, MI

Kathryn M.

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