I am a 40-year old homemaker and mother of two children, ages 8 and 10. I had been having pain in my shoulder and hips since April 2006. I received muscle relaxers for the shoulder pain and a cortisone shot and diagnosis of bursitis in my left hip. My pain continued to spread throughout my joints in May and June. I went to my physician almost weekly to try and get relief and answers to what was happening to my body. I was put on prescription pain medication, prescription anti-inflammatory pill, and the muscle relaxer to make it through my days. I had pain getting in and out of my car, walking, and every other daily activity. My lifestyle, my family and I, had changed dramatically because I was no longer able to care for them in the same ways I had been. I was referred to a rheumatologist in June. She drew 7 vials of blood to try and determine what was causing my pain. No conclusions were given. I was now on something at night to help me sleep through the pain and waking up several times at night. I also saw an endocrinologist because of beginning thyroid issues but my symptoms were not related to that diagnosis. I walked into physical therapy very doubtful of Melissa being able to rid me of my pain. I was drained physically from lack of sleep, medication, and the pain. Melissa sensed my doubt and was very pleasant and professional about it. She did a thorough evaluation of my movements and decided to start with my hip’s pains and then see what she could tackle next. I started feeling better the first week. My pain moved as each joint began to heal and Melissa steadfastly tackled the next pain. My life is almost back to normal. I am able to care for my family, exercise, and I am off of prescription medications to deal with the previous issues. My sleep habits have improved dramatically and no one has asked me about my limping in months, because it is no longer there. Melissa has been professional, courteous, positive, and thorough with her treatments of me. She was the only medical professional that wouldn’t let up until I started feeling better. I recommend her wherever I go to anyone who might need help with his or her pain. I owe Melissa an abundance of gratitude. Sincerely, Lorene R. Holland, MI

Lorene R.

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