I had been a Massage Therapist for almost 2 years when suddenly my right wrist started to hurt. As you might imagine, I was somewhat worried about this and after about two weeks I decided to do something about it. I came to see Melissa because she and I not only belong to the same networking group, but she had helped my husband a few months before. When I first started seeing Melissa I said that my main concern was for my wrist, but that I also had been having hip pain for about 9 years. I thought it might be possible to reduce the hip pain but was not very hopeful since it had been so long standing. Coming to PT with Melissa is different than other times I had been to physical therapy. I was worried that I might have to take time off work for my wrist to heal. I thought that she might be unable to help me with my long-standing hip pain. I should not have been worried. I did not have to take time off work and that longterm hip pain started going away almost immediately. The wrist pain took a little extra time and detective work to resolve. We worked with my wrist, then my elbow and then finally found the root of the problem in my shoulder. Once found, the pain started to resolve quickly with the work we were doing. I was ecstatic! I love my job and now I can do it without pain! I saw Melissa for about 40 visits, which is maybe longer than a lot of patients. But I think that is a great thing, she was never intimidated by our early lack of results for my wrist, she just kept searching for the cause of the problem until she found it. Nor was she willing to discharge me because I had reached a certain number of visits, I was discharged when I had healed and not before. My hip is much better than I could have hoped, I still have occasional pain, but now I have the tools to take care of that. I can work without pain in my wrist and if I ever have trouble with that in the future I know exactly where to find the help I need! Stacey K. 30, Holland, MI

Stacey K

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